October 25, 2014

Saving Money by Building Green

Unlike a decade ago, green home building does not have to mean excessive costs or headaches (finding Eco-certified contractors in the day used to be a pain). Developments related to technology and legislation of green building have come a long way, and excesses in cost and headaches are no longer obligatory (at least as hassle free as residential building can be). Proper planning and budgeting can help alleviate many fiscal worries, and this applies to both commercial and residential green builds.

Building an Eco-conscious home does not have to be more expensive, but all too often people build for the wrong reasons.  Although people mean well, the newest technology almost always means you will pay through the nose.  Eco-friendly architecture is the latest fad, and along with that comes a steep price tag. The same applies for green design and technology, everything from intuitive heating systems to employing the most fashionable architect at the time.  If you are on a tighter budget, keep it simple by focusing on saving the environment and saving money.

If you are thinking of building green, keep these 3 benefits in mind:

1. Long Term Reduction In Your Utility Bills

A true green building will be as air tight as possible with double glazed windows and air tight doors.  The insulation should also be top of the line to keep the internal atmosphere stable with minimal cooling or heating from exterior units.  These two elements alone can save you up to 50% off your normal utility bills.  That’s potentially a massive saving that on larger properties and commercial buildings could run into the thousands each month.  This is nothing to sneeze at for residential properties either.  Saving that much on your utility bills can not only keep your bank account a little more stable, but also save valuable fossil fuels, electricity, and natural gas.  For a little information about green climate control, take a look at our post about green air conditioning as well.

2. Claim Green Building Incentives

The government has recently introduced a number of green building incentives in an attempt to encourage people to satisfy improved energy efficiency in the home and decrease ecologically harmful fossil fuel emissions. The government offers grants for improvements and upgrades like double glazing windows, new insulation, or cash back on energy efficient climate control.  Do a quick internet search and you will have no issue finding local government help to assist you in your green building project.  Check the bottom of the page for some up to date info on green building grants (automatically generated).

3. Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariffs

Feed-in tariffs give anyone building a new home a real reason to think about installing their own renewable energy or micro-generation source. Solar, water, and wind generators will all work to help you fulfill the requirements of your local energy company, though you should check with them first to see the specifics.  The benefit of the feed-in tariff is twofold; the first is that you produce energy for your green building by utilizing renewable resources.  The second is that any excess you produce will be pumped back into the grid.  The benefit of this is that you get reimbursed for your excess energy!  Installing solar panels, wind turbines,  or other means of micro-generation is something everyone should be looking into right now, especially if you are planning to build your Eco-home.

Green Building Grants Info (automatically updated)

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  1. Nice post.

    The savings from Green building are great. It also has the potential to add to the value of your property. So that’s one more solid, financial reason to do the right thing.

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