September 14, 2014

Las Vegas Schools To Install Rooftop Solar Power

Earlier today, the AP reported some very encouraging news in the field of alternative energy.  Apparently Las Vegas schools are making the transition to solar power, helping to salvage some of the 65 million dollars the schools spend annually on energy.  This is a brilliant move in my opinion, as it looks like the Las Vegas Schools’ solar power switch will give them fantastic tax rebates.  They also look to cash in on rebates to get the Vegas solar power system up and running, something all businesses should take a que from.

Here is the original story released:

Switch to Solar Power For Las Vegas Schools

rooftop solar panel system Optimized 300x225 Las Vegas Schools To Install Rooftop Solar Power

Rooftop solar panels (not in Las Vegas), but you still get the idea

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The cash-strapped Clark County school district is hoping a $4 million investment in rooftop solar panels for up to 20 campuses will produce power and cut costs.

Associate facilities superintendent Paul Gerner says the photovoltaic systems could provide 25 percent of the schools’ power and save $190,000 a year.

But officials aren’t counting on energy savings to pay startup costs.

Instead, they expect to receive $1.4 million in federal stimulus funding and $1.2 million in one-time rebates from NV Energy once the first five schools are outfitted.

The NV Energy rebate pays $5 per photovoltaic watt of power, so that if 20 schools hook up solar power systems, the district could get rebates of up to $5 million.

The district currently spends about $65 million on electricity a year.

Julianne Thomas of the News Radio KXNT blog also gave a little more insight into this initiative:

The Clark County Las Vegas Schools Solar Power Initiative

Efforts are being made to help the Clark County School District save money. The “Review-Journal” says the district plans to invest four million dollars on rooftop solar panels for up to 20 schools. CCSD Associate superintendent Paul Gerner estimates the systems could provide about 25-percent of the schools’ power, while saving the school district about 190-thousand dollars a year over the next 20 years. The school district says it wants to have the 20 schools outfitted with solar power by November.

Paul Gerner and the Clark County School System should be applauded.  This move not only will save them money, but reduces their reliance on fossil fuels.  More businesses need to look to Las Vegas and their solar power initiative as a model of change.

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