October 23, 2014


Why are all the Florida Manatees dying?

florida manatee with diver

I read something a little disturbing today regarding Florida Manatee deaths this year.  It seems that there are some certainty as to what exactly is causing this endangered species to die off, though some attribute the cause to a couple different factors.  First, why should we care about this right now?File:Manatee and diver.jpgThe Florida … [Read more...]

Water: A Case For Conservation


Ever wondered one resource so abundant, when you open your faucet you expect it to flow down your tap and believe it to be there always?But the real hard truth the companies don’t want you to know, the government doesn’t want you to know and make you believe everything is all right. Yes, water the most important part of human survival and for … [Read more...]

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons Kills An Elephant Video

Bob Parsons elephant hunt

I had a domain with GoDaddy this morning.  It was transferred after I saw this video... WARNING! This video is not for young children (unless of course you want to explain why Bob Parsons made dumbo take a permanent nap). It's totally up to you. The video of Bob Parsons killing the elephant that's causing all … [Read more...]

Donate To Japan… Mindfully

japan tsunami

Donate to Japan, but please do so mindfully.It's sad to say, but opportunists seem to pop out of the woodwork in times of dire need.  They manipulate, cheat, and steal not only from those in need, but from those looking to help as well.Unfortunately, the recent horrors in Japan are no exception.  Here are some tips to avoid the scammers, … [Read more...]

Dolphin Hunt Dealt A Black Eye In Tokyo

Japanese Citizens See Dolphin Hunt For What It Is For those of you who don't know, Ric O'Barry is an activist that has dedicated his life to ending the killing and capturing of dolphins all over the world.  Recently, Ric traveled to Japan to raise awareness of the Japanese Dolphin Hunt and slaughter.  If you have seen "The Cove", you know that … [Read more...]